Jello wrestling contest me and a friend played. We made flyers with bill cosby and strippers. Dude asked us if we wanted to play. Most everyone on the bill were rappers and we were a noise band. We warned him but he signed us up anyway. The hall was packed full of bros and skanks. I never felt so out of place. but we thought it was funny. We sat and the car and got really high until right before show time. Watch in the bottom left corner you can see the entire crowd walk out on us single file. I had my eyes closed. When i opened them there was one dude standing there staring at us smiling confusedly.

The show we played a week before was a lot better. Was just me on drums and my friend on turntables. Sometimes it was cool as shit. Sometimes it was a train wreck. Either way it was a new idea so we were having fun with it.

Show i played with this is my condition. Warehouse party in kansas city Missouri. I sucked that night but for ten minutes it was ok. For some reason craig said he wanted to play with me, but i was strictly anti-electric folk punk at the time. I loved his music so i said why not. The place we played was an abandoned warehouse. It smelled, and there were giant holes in the floor. He wouldnt let me use his delay pedal. So i was stuck with just playing an electric guitar. Theres footage of justin and his girlfriend going into the bathroom to fuck. It was his birthday. After we got done playing a kid in the crowd came over and said “i grew up listening to stuff like that. Like grunge, or whatever.” Craig looked at me and laughed while packing up his gear. He seemed disappointed. I felt bad.

Show i played in san diego.

I busted my hand punching a stone wall like five minutes before the show while having a huge fight with my girlfriend. got on stage and killed it. I remember there were a couple black dudes there that gave me looks like they loved it. I dont know why. Black people always liked my old hack stuff. Singing about slavery and chicken. Makes sense.